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if you can read this post to the end i’ll know you are serious about travelling and studying abroad. it shouldn’t take five minutes.

Study abroad is free and at the same time very cheap, it depends on what an individual is actually looking for. It just depends on how much you are prepared to search. I wouldn’t bore you with my stories and I would never ask you to send me cash, or ask you to buy a 300 page e-book or manual neither would I ask you to download any book infested with Trojan or virus.

This is how I would go about it I will give you a list of the tuition free universities, t e procedure to go about applying as an international student and also the process to go about the visa of the country as much as I know because most countries have stiffened their visa procedure since December last year because of this mutallab boy. Ii would also give you a load down of the economy of the country; of course nobody wants to go to a country where he or she would not be able to get a job to at least feed. Clothe and house himself or herself.

So this is how I’ll go about it; I’ll post one country every three days so it will not be jam packed so this means that by the end of February I would have posted nine tuition free universities in North America, Europe and UAE. So from any of these you can make your choice to study abroad free.

I am limiting myself to these because I don’t want to delve into countries I don’t know about thereby giving wrong information. Like I said earlier every school I write about I will write on their economy and visa procedure so you’ll really know where you are going and not get stuck thereby rubbishing the study free stuff like every other one you might have seen before.


This school I have personally tried is located in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada (sounds weird right; I have searched hard) I have a scanned copy of the admission letter from the school and a scanned copy of my visa effective from April as proof

You download the international student application form, fill it attach a copy of your WAEC result alongside a WAEC scratch card and send it. After two weeks you’ll get an acknowledgement letter from them. After this you will pay $90 Canadian dollars about 11,350 naira application fee to them. On receiving this they will give you an admission letter, which you’ll attach to other documents and you are ready to go and apply for a Canadian student visa.

N.B. I said a WAEC result because they don’t recognize NECO.

The second Canadian university that is tuition free is situated in Manitoba Winnipeg. It is a public university and one of the best in Canada. This university accepts both NECO and WAEC as opposed to the first university I discussed earlier. The application procedure is slightly different.

In this case after downloading the international student application form and attaching either the NECO or WAEC result along with the scratch card, you are expected to pay the $90 Canadian dollars application fee immediately, usually the second or the third day after they day you envisage the application must have gotten there. After two week of receipt of the application form and fee, the university sends you the admission letter, and you are ready to go to the embassy along with other necessary documents.

I will be posting a scholarship in Canada for women three days from now, well I don’t know why they made it specifically for women but whatever it is I’ll advise the women folk to try it out. Its majorly courses on Nursing and public health.

The essence of this page and this write up is ‘if you are saved, save other people I have suffered online; I bought “travel free e-books”, sent money to people’s account, downloaded virus e-books and other stuffs’.

But since I found the way and I have my visa I felt I should help other from this poverty in the midst of plenty, so please tell other people, it doesn’t cost you anything.

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Which college or university in canada has the cheapest tuition?

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University of Northern British Columbia is one of the University where tution fees is less. But most Universities in Canada offeres scholarships for Graduate students, even up to 100%. For hotel management Undergrad in Vancouver, Capilano University has started a new Undergrad on Hotel managenet. Girish (

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Why Canada?
Canada offers a high quality, affordable education that is recognized world-wide. Moreover, Canada is a safe, secure, healthy, multicultural and welcoming environment for international students. All Universities and Colleges offer excellent academic programs and teaching. As well, services and advisors are available to help students adapt to living in Canada and ensure that the time spent in Canada is enjoyable. In 1998, nearly 30,000 international students made Canadian universities their choice for preparing for a successful career

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Hello world!

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Welcome to

This is your first post, produced automatically by You should edit or delete it, and then start blogging!

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